Medium Making Mortal Life More Meaningful

by Michele the Trainer

Image by JL G from Pixabay

Isn’t life tough enough?

Aren’t you tired of sorting through trash online? https://medium.com/@micheletrainer/help-a-loved-one-avoid-the-trash-of-things-da2b27af24d0

Does your online experience feel like you’re constantly filtering junk mail?

Are we wading in spam and hackers?

Turning on a device or logging in can feel like an infestation sometimes.

Do you yearn for a good old newspaper read? Where you could avoid the trash by simply not choosing to buy that publication at the grocery checkout line? (I really miss the inside of the Los Angeles Times, the Calendar section, do you?)

Am I reviewing a blogging platform? Yeppers, I am. I’ve been pleasantly uplifted by my experience and I wanted to share it with you.

Today the world is annoyingly wanting us to subscribe to everything, including a zillion media (television, we used to call it) channels. So why did I choose Medium? How has it elevated my life and the lives of my followers and my tribe in just the first week?

I love email. If we don’t clean our inboxes regularly, we can easily drown in bullshit. As a writer I love email. I find it sad that keeping the email box efficient requires some level of tech savvy. Today maybe you can help a tech challenged loved one clean theirs, so that original content creators (they have opted in for) can reach them. I’m often up early and email allows me to send a note or answer a question that a person can read at their leisure. I’d love to email you a Medium post ;)

The Facebook Group, Medium Mastery

For Medium writers, this group is like an art collective, but online and consisting of kind writers. Maybe Gertrude Stein felt like this in Paris?

Joining the Medium group on Facebook, Medium Mastery (thanks to recommendations by online inspiration blogging friends such as Lorie Driscoll and Maya Middlemiss) really made me want to read more with the inclusive prompts Welcome, Win of the Week and Daily Applause.

I want to inspire more creative opportunities around the Pacific Ocean. (Go big or go home eh?)

I want to be that kind of person, the person who inspires more creative opportunities around the Pacific Ocean! https://medium.com/@LorieDriscoll/im-the-kind-of-person-who-56c754fafd27

I know I do my best work in nature or with a view, and hey a view of the ocean helps! https://medium.com/@mayamiddlemiss/how-challenging-one-unexamined-assumption-could-change-your-work-life-270e8309e82e

Like these posts, I wanted to read so many of the posts shared, but my free Medium access had a read limit of just a few posts; like a marathon I hit the wall. With all these thought provoking posts, I knew I needed more access. It was then I realized I might have to plunk it down…(more on that below with Medium Membership).

This FB group, Medium Mastery, unexpectedly improved my life with the network of excellent content creators that contribute to Medium and to this group.

Their posts have been shared with so many of my friends and followers. The different POVs of my favorite topics of my own such as tech, productivity, health, art and the ocean are also uplifting people who I love and admire. Win win.

Their posts have also elevated my daily online where I’m excited to reading a lot of quality daily. Adios online filtering/cleaning.

Medium Mastery is now a hashtag too…don’t miss out! #MediumMastery

Adding Medium content to the core of my daily online experience has been fun and fantastic.

Medium Membership

I was happy to find that I could pay a membership and just get to read more. I did not want more than that from Medium.

Write what you write, right on? I’m a writer and I don’t expect to get paid from Medium. Medium does have a Partner Program and I don’t know how it works, if it works, and frankly it’s just not important to me. I’m sure some folks might make millions and good for them. We are the generation that has burned up a lot of time trying to get a phone signal or deleting spam. I want to make a difference rather than trying to make a few cents online. I write to write what I write and that’s that and I’m right with that.

I’ve read things beyond my core topics that resonate with me personally, remind me to write more poetry, I’m enjoying humor where I didn’t expect it, and more…

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

The internet is amazing and like the ocean, we are filling it with garbage. Enough!

Trying something new that had positive referrals from friends, it improved my experience and my overall internet experience. Association and content really shape us. Movies, music, TV and we now do not have to succumb to the death of literature. Good content is out there. Clear the crap and let it find you.

Again, I’m into tech, productivity, health, art, nature and protecting the ocean. I keep it on the sunny side. I know my tribe online and offline. We can tweet share posts or I can email them to you, just let me know how to reach you. Hang with me and together let’s uplift our experience online and offline. Medium has improved my life and I’m bathing in that glory!

I’d love to share some uplifting content with you, so let’s connect.

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