Losing Hope & Feeling Overwhelmed?

Nurturing hope during these stressful times

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Gratitude & good deeds, seeds we share
Our physical body, temple care
What else is there?
Spread Love & Self Care

Sunshines of our ocean planet, anchoring can make even the craziest days more relaxing and enjoyable. Together, let’s visualize a lighthouse that can guide us with simple reminders.

Today there is so much stress, information and confusion about misinformation that it can be difficult to prioritize our daily life.

Our simple priorities:
1. Love & Gratitude
2. Health

Where the mind goes, the body follows, therefore we cannot have health without first love.

Once there was a guy named Frank
He stressed out forgetting health love & thanks
He watched too much news
Self-destructed with booze
No health or love made Frank’s life tank

Love & Gratitude
How can we show and share love and gratitude?
Compassion, words, songs, deeds, observing nature, prayer/worship are some ideas.

Eat one plant based meal to show compassion to animals, earth and humanity.
Write a love song, letter or poem.
Help a good neighbor.
Stop look and listen to flowers, birds and bees.
Pray or listen to some spiritual or classical music.

For your health, here are my First Five Tips.

Understand that simple is not always easy and be graceful with yourself.

Good friend, you deserve the sunshine.
Each simple goodness brings more sunshine into our everyday life.
Wishing you lots of love and energetic health.

Thank you Debesh Choudhury for this fine publication Number One Tip. Yes, ok, yes, I did sneak in approx 7 tips :)

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